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As one of the most popular search engine in the world, there’s no doubt that Yahoo has its own place in the heart of internet users. But as time goes by, people are changing so fast and so do their preferences when it comes to technology. Currently, Yahoo is not as widely-used as it was before, but of course, information related to this company is worth-knowing. The struggle of Yahoo, how it evolved overtime, how we as users could meet our needs by simply using this platform and any other stuff that could help us using the most of this service.

First, you need to know that Yahoo is more than just a search engine. It also has a subject directory and website portal. By the technology that is in Yahoo, the results that you can get from searching in Yahoo is relatively good. The most popular destination is, that is where people can get answers to their questions. Though, it is quite competitive for Yahoo to keep on providing its best, actually, Yahoo had done its best in giving a wider variety of services. Such as, mail, maps, news, social media sites and of course, videos.

If you’re using Yahoo for your daily needs, then there are some search tips that you need to know: first, you should be clear with your search query. It actually the same case with other search engines, but make sure that do this as well when using Yahoo. Second, you’ll need to use tabs of to go directly to what you search. You can also change the focus, according to your need, so you’ll get more accurate results. Third, knowing that there are a lot of Yahoo Shortcuts that are widely available and make you can quickly access the results. By doing these tips, you search in Yahoo will be more efficient.

Looking more closely at the home page of Yahoo, there are plenty of options you can choose to find information. You can even classify what kind of search results that you want to focus on. So, you can search for images only, search locally, search in the Yahoo Directory and search news. In addition, you can look up to the weather conditions at your location, finding out the most recent movies and even find online market places. There are so many options on the home page, that you might be overwhelmed. But, it’s worth the crowd, because it has many services that will significantly ease your days.

Board of Director

The current board of directors is Marissa Mayer. She’s officially become the last executive board.


Yahoo has more than 15 office locations, these are some of them in the US, with the headquarter address at 701 !st Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.


You can contact Yahoo by phone at (408) 349-3301. There are many ways that you contact Yahoo customer service. They’re on Twitter, Facebook and live chat at just directly go visit those contacts or visit their websites on and you’ll get what you need.

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