Walmart is one of the most popular retail centers in the US. It is also known to be Wal-Mart Stores, Inc but it tends to be more famous with the name of Walmart. What do you know about this department store? You should read the following brief explanation.

Walmart Corporate Headquarter

Walmart is the US company operating department store link and network. It is moving in an operating field of department store links. Based on Fortune Global 500 in 2008, it was the biggest public company in the world regarding its income. Walmart is operating in Argentina, Great Britain, Brazil, Puerto Rico, China, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. It is officing at Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart is also the biggest retail in the US. In 2009, the link of Walmart is earning 51% of the sales about $258 billion in grocery business in the US. This company also has and operate the Sam retail warehouse in North America. In 1988, Walmart becomes promising retail in the US. It can beat the sales of K-mart in 1990. It is also beating the sales of Sears so that it becomes the biggest retail in the world.

The History of Walmart

Walmart logo

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in 31st October 1962. Sam Walton was buying a branch of Ben Franklin store from Butler Brothers. The focus of Sam is the sales of products with low price to get higher sales with a lower profit margin. It was described to be the seller’s sacrifice for customers. It created its stock in New York’s Stock Center in 1972. It expands some countries in the world to grow its business. It was operated in Germany but it was finally closed in 2006 due to the flop. Also, it has opened its store in Indonesia at Supermal Karawaci in 1995 but it is closed in 1998 due to not promising in which it was a monetary crisis. Though it has some problems in the expansion of this department store branch, it is still to be the biggest public company based on its income.

The Expansion of Walmart

Walmart has 10.800 stores in 27 countries under 69 different names and e-commerce website in 10 countries. This company is operating with the name of Walmart in the US. However, in some countries, it has different operating names depending on a particular country.

The Website of Walmart

To be the most popular retail center, it expands the business by creating a website in which it eases customers to see the ready stock of the products. It has a website site address at www.wallmart.com.

Executive Board

To support the expansion of Walmart, of course, it is supported by the strong executive board. The executive management is divided into two branches. Those are executive management and boards of directors. To see more details of the position in the executive board, you can open its website and search the leadership. It has a complete detail of the executive boards with the names of boards and positions.

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