Have you ever heard about T-Mobile? This is one of the famous and big communication companies that provide phone service. Maybe, you also use their service, currently. However, this company doesn’t become a big company in a short amount of time. We can say that the long history of T mobile become one of the valuable knowledge that you must know.

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The Early Days of T-Mobile

DeTeMobil, the German telecommunication company, has gone through many changes since it was founded in 1992. Then, in 1999, it was becoming the T-Mobile company that we know today. Its name changed into T-Mobile International AG & Co. KG, which later changed into T-Mobile International AG. Then, in 2002, this company change its name once again into T-Mobile, which what we are familiar with today.

From its founding in 1999, T-Mobile was only a subsidiary company of Deutsche Telekom. Then, in 2009, T-Mobile finally merged into Deutsche Telekom AG, for expanding its business and providing more service for the clients from all over the world.

T-Mobile is well-known as the main sponsor of many big projects in the world. One of the famous projects is it becomes the main sponsor of FC Bayern Munich, one of the soccer clubs in Bundesliga, the Germany professional soccer league. This company also became the official phone provider for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

T-Mobile Profile

T-Mobile has a different way to run their business compared to other telecommunication company. Their employees are working by using customer-focused principal. They also did many social projects, so it’s not only about money and profit. They also found many innovations that boost the growth of internet technology today.

T-Mobile also has successfully netted more than 5.7 million customer ads. They received a profit of more than $40.6 billion in 2017. Then, their stock increase for 10.4% since 2017.

T-Mobile Executive Board

So, who are people behind this company success? Here they are:

John J. Legere – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mike Sievert – President and chief Operating Officer

David R. Carey – Executive Vice President, Corporate Services

Braxton Carter – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas J.W. Drake – Executive Vice President, Special Project

Peter A. Ewens – Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Callie Field – Executive Vice President, Customer Care

Jon A. Freier – Executive Vice President, Consumer Markets

Janice V. Kapner – Executive Vice President, Communications & Community Engagement

Michael J. Katz – Executive Vice President, T-Mobile for Business

Thomas C. Keys – President, Metro by T-Mobile

Elizabeth A. McAuliffe – Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Davide A. Miller – Executive Vice President , General Counsel and Secretary

Sunit Patel – Executive Vice President, Merger and Integration Lead

Neville R. Ray – Executive Vice President  and Chief Technology Officer

Cody Sanford – Executive Vice President  and Chief Information Officer

Matt Staneff – Executive Vice President , Chief Marketing Officer

Board of Directors:

Timotheus Höttges – Chairman of the Board

John J. Legere

Srikant T. Madhav Datar

Srini Gopalan

Lawrence H. Guffey

Dr. Christian P. Illek

Bruno Jacobfeurborn

Raphael Kübler

Thorsten Langheim

Mike Sievert

Teresa Ann Taylor

Kelvin R. Westbrook

Contact Address

Question & Comments

T-Mobile Customer Relations

PO Box 37380

Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

Legal correspondence mailing address

T-Mobile Wireless
Legal Department
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue, WA 98006-1350

Website: T-Mobile.com


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