To build a house and residence, you will need trusted home improvement and material company. It is serving high-quality products for establishing great buildings. Lowes meets those needs for customers. What will you know about it?

Lowes Corporate Headquarters Information

Lowes is a high end American company. It has a strong link and branch in the US. It moves at home improvement, renovation, and building materials services. The company was founded in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The business unit of Lowes has reached 1.700 outlets in the US and 20 outlets in Canada. Lowes is deeply committing to make an interesting and promising culture for customers. Of course, it serves experienced employees with great features and products to increase one’s life. It also offers the learning and developing programs for learning and expanding.

Lowes Logo

Product Categories at Lowes

Lowes offers some product categories displayed on the website. Those are kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, lumber, Dewalt, shelving, insulation, water heater and many more. You can find the offered and sold products and product categories on the official website of Lowes. Those products are adjusted to home improvement and renovation process. Every product has met the qualification of the best products for home improvement.

Commitments of Lowes

To be a big company, it holds its principles and missions. Lowes is an executive leadership team company with heritage and ethnic details when you want to know its overview. The executive management board manages this company very well to serve the best services and complete facilities. This has a strong commitment for neighbors and communities with the served products and services. It also has a social responsibility for making a report of Lowes.

Sources of Lowes

When you want to report all about Lowes, you can contact the press branch. It usually consists of company news and also media resources talking all about you need the company. Meanwhile, the investors of Lowes is annual reports, stock information, and also shareholder services. Those will serve the customers satisfyingly.

The Website of Lowes

The power of the website is important in the digital era. It can be a medium to promote a business or service. It can display the products that you sell. As the big home improvement company, Lowes offers a good website. The website address is at www.lowes.com. You can open it and find more information that you can find.

The Executive Management of Lowes

Every company surely has a management board. It is applicable for Lowes. This big company offers a board of executive management. It is categorized to meet the leadership. The highest position in the executive management board is held by Marvin R Ellison as President and Chief Executive Officer. It is divided into two big boards of the management. Those are executive leadership and senior leadership. Executive leadership consists of 9 positions.  Then, in senior leadership, it has 17 positions. You can find more details of those positions by opening its official website. Then, search to meet the leadership on this website.

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