Playing a game video is a fun activity anytime. You can play it online and offline. To facilitate you in playing video games, you may use Gamestop. It is the biggest retail for providing video games. It is the right explanation of Gamestop.

Profile of Gamestop

GameStop Logo

Gamestop is a retail company for products of game videos, electronics, and wireless services in the US. The company is based in Grapevine, Texas, the US and operate 6.457 of the retail stores all over the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. The stores use a brand of Gamestop, Micromania, EB Games. Furthermore, Gamestop also has a site of Kongregate game video, Game Informer magazines, retail, and Simply Mac for Apple products and Spring Mobile. The resellers are available for wireless services.

The Division of Gamestop

GameStop is the biggest retail company for game video provider in the world. To expand its business, it is divided to be two parts of the business. Those are business of video and technology business. The technology business appeared in the fourth quartal in 2013 and managed Simply Mac, Aio Wireless, and Spring Mobile. The technology segment has 218 retail outlets since 2014. The business part of the game video includes retail stores of game videos and electronics.

  • Game Informer

Game Informer is a magazine owned by Gamestop. The main function is selling through the subscribed magazine system that can be got in the sales location of Gamestop. The subscribing magazines are meant to give access to the customers with PowerUp Rewards. The system will increase the values of the store sales by about 10%.

  • Gamestop Download for PC

The next one is Gamestop pc downloads. It was called Impulse. It offers a digital distribution service run by Gamestop. It has design changes and sells the games using the other platforms.

  • Barter

Gamestop sells recycled games and changed by customers using store credit or cash. The system is not continued because it doesn’t earn profits.

Contact Information

If you want to find further information about this game retail at Gamestop, you can open its official website easily. Then, you can surf anything that you need. The website is at It consists of some page details such as about us, search, locations, products, and many more. You may visit its office at 916 US-31, IN 46142 the US to get more information details. If you want to contact it, you can call 800-883-8895 at office hours.

Executive Board of Gamestop

To be the popular video game retailer in the world, of course, it has a very strong link and executive management. It is better to know the information on the executive board of Gamestop. It has an executive chairman, Daniel A DeMatteo. Chief Executive Officer and Director are being held by George Sherman. Meanwhile, James Bell holds a position of EVP and Chief Financial Officer. General Counsel and Corporate Secretary is positioned by Dan Reed. Board of directors is listed in the executive management of Gamestop. It has 10 directors to manage this game retail. They are Shane S Kim, Gerald Szczepanski, Jerome L Davis, Steven R Koonin, Larry S Zilavy, Kathy Vrabeck, Thomas Kelly, Carrie Teffner, Raul Fernandez, and Lizabeth Dunn.

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