Best Buy

Best Buy is a retail store that was founded in 1966. Initially, it offered automotive products but later, it has been developed into a seller of electronic devices. Nowadays, this store has more than 1,400 retails in the US and 216 international retails. Many electronic producers are known as the suppliers of Best Buy. They are including the giant technology companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, AT & T, and GE. Along with the development of technology, Best Buy provides online purchase features that are more accessible for all people all around the world.

Address and Contacts

The main office and retail of Best Buy are located at 7601 Penn Ave, South Richfield, Minnesota, United States. The address above is available for sending post mails. To contact the office directly via the phone number, it is at 1-866-758-1457 for customer service and 1-612-291-1000 for Best Buy Headquarters.

The company doesn’t provide email service for customers. However, there is an email that is intended only for the team of investors. For those reasons, the email cannot be displayed. The official website also cannot be found but there is an investor relations page also. That’s why; for customers who want to know more about the company, visiting the page may be helpful.

Executives Board

There are two management teams in Best Buy Headquarters. They are namely Executives and the Board of Directors. The list of executives in Best Buy are as follow: Hubert Joly (Chief Executive Officer and President), Sharon McCollam (Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrator Officer), Shari Bullard (Retail President and Chief Human Resources Officer), Chris Askew (Services President), Jude Buckley (Chief Commercial Officer), Matt Furman (Officer of Public Affairs and Chief Communications Officer), Mary Lou Kelley (e-commerce President), Mike Mohan (Chief Merchandising Officer), and Keith Nelsen (General Counsel).

Meanwhile, some people that are included in the board of directors are Hatim Tyabji, Bradbury Anderson, Lisa Caputo, Russel Fradin, Kathy Higgins Victor, Hubert Joly, David Kenny, Sanjay Khosla, Allen Lenzmeier, Thomas Millner, and Gerard Vittecock.

Features and Services

To gain more customers more, Best Buy provides some features and services. However, the features and services may vary depending on the areas or countries. There are also some events conducted by this company. in those events, customers can get many interesting promotions. So, what are those features, services, and events?

First, it supports for students. There is an event namely Back to School that is available 24/ 7. Interestingly, this event is conducted not only in the US but also some in other countries. For the date and time, it depends on the academic schedules of the related country.

Second, there is a feature namely Geek Squad. The feature includes services for installation, repairing, and general helps for all products bought in Best Buy. The customers can contact the team via phone. Terms and conditions are available.

Third, Best Buy also has a Fast Delivery feature. It is possible to do a one-day shipping in certain locations. The customers can also return and change products if they want. For this feature, terms and conditions are also available.

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