Amazon Corporate Headquarter Information

Amazon founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos. The headquarter of the company is in Seattle, Washington. This company focuses on e-commerce where internet users can buy anything they want. From a small garage, this online store has become the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world and one of the most valuable companies in the world. At first, this company was only an online book store which provides a variety of books. The online store grows significantly and sells a variety of products including electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, toys, and foods. Even, you can also find jewelry in this online store. Nowadays, people can also download or streaming videos, music, and audiobooks. The company develops some new businesses such as Amazon Studios, Amazon Web Services, Amazon publishing, and many more.

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Executive Board

This executive board is updated since March 2019. Jeff Bezos is still the president, CEO, and chairman of Amazon. He started to build Amazon as a small online bookstore in 1993. Then, he developed his online bookstore into an online store that sells a variety of products in 1998.

Some great people help Jeff Bezos to develop Amazon into a giant online store. Those are including Tom Alberg, Rosalind Brewer, Jamie Grelick, Judy McGrath, Indra Nooyi, Jon Rubinstein, Thomas O. Ryder, Patty Stonesifer, and Wendell P Weeks.


To Grow his business well, Jeff Bezos also creates some business partnerships. For example, Amazon has a business partnership with one of the famous toy retailers in the US, Toys “R” Us for 10 years. Moreover, the company also had a partnership with Borders Group from 2001 to 2007. One of the best achievements when the company had a business partnership with DC Comics on October 18, 2011. Because of the agreement, Amazon has a right to sell DC comics products such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Sandman, and Watchmen.

To serve their customers well, Amazon made a partnership with the United States Postal Service so the online store can deliver orders on Sundays and expand the service area. The other brands such as Nike, JV Appario Retail, Apple Inc also agreed to make a business partnership with Amazon. It makes this online store has a variety of high-quality products and services.

Contact Information

If you want to make some report or ask something, you can just call the customer service phone number in (888) 280-3321. To get a variety of high-quality products and services you can just check the online store, For those who want to go to the company go to, Inc. Customer service PO Box 81266, Seattle, Washington, 98108-1226.

Business Opportunity

Amazon opens a business opportunity with any people who want to make money online. This company provides people to become an affiliate marketer. You can sell any products and services at Amazon and get a commission from each of the sales you made. The benefit of joining the affiliate program is that you can start a business without preparing products or services. You just need to promote the products and services at Amazon and focus on getting sales to earn some amount of money.

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